Sunday, September 16, 2012

Forest Grove Chalk Art Festival

As a new business owner in Forest Grove, I am becoming acquainted with the local events that happen through the year. Yesterday was the Chalk Art Festival. Artists of all ages joined together in the streets of Downtown Forest Grove to display their breathtaking talent.

Here are some of the finished pieces! 

If you come to Forest Grove in the next few days, I hope you come down Main Street to see the stunning art!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Seven of Hearts Wine and Noisette

**This blog is LONG overdue, but I still feel like its never too late to say Thank You! This is a recap of a dinner that I had at Noisette for a Seven of Hearts and Luminous Hills pre-IPNC dinner. Byron and Dana- Thank you so much for inviting Beau and I. This was a very memorable and delicious evening!**

I have been a huge fan of Seven of Hearts Wine and Luminous Hills Wine for a few years now. A few weeks before this dinner, Byron, the winemaker of the two labels, invited myself and a guest to join him for a pre-IPNC dinner at Noisette. I was both ecstatic and honored that he wanted to invite me. Of course my first choice for a date was Beau, and jokingly asked Byron if he was allowed to come.

Noisette is a restaurant that I had never been to but have heard great things about. This boosted my excitement for the dinner even higher. On the night of the dinner we were greeted with some Luminous Hills Rose.....and after that we were wine and dined with multiple food courses and pairings to go along with each. There was a total of eight courses. Each were beautiful and delicious!

The first course consisted of Oregon line caught albacore tuna, confit loin and tartare with quail yolk, pickled cucumber, saffron aioli and brioche croutons. The quail yolk did kind of freak me out, but I tried it and yes....I did like it! 

The second course involved lobster! This next dish was Maine day boat lobster with avocado, pole beans, tarragon, sweet pea sprouts and chervil.

The third course is praise worthy. It was an Oregon spring onion and cauliflower soup! This was one of my favorite courses of the evening. This soup was full of flavor, light, creamy and just delightful.

The fourth course was very creative, but I don't want you to think it was not appetizing! It was actually another very delicious creation! Course number four was ancient grains and morel!

Braised short ribs and scallops are what graced the plate for course number five! The meat was tender and the scallop was cooked perfectly.

Course six made me step outside of my box a little bit! Moulard duck liver is something that I have never had and is something that I can have in small quantities. Its very rich and flavorful.

The seventh course was moulard duck breast, and this also happened to be my favorite! The duck breast was cooked rare, was very tender and flavorful. The duck reminded me of beef, it was heaven.

Somehow I missed a photo of the dessert! Can I claim that I was too busy enjoying it that I forgot to photograph it? ;) It was a chocolate lava cake that was decadent! It paired beautifully with the Seven of Hearts 2010 Pinot Port!

The sommelier at the restaurant did a fantastic job selecting the wines to go with each course. Byron makes such a great variety of wines that he had one that could go with every dish. His wines are of great quality at fantastic prices.

If anyone is looking for excellent French Food in Portland, this place gets my highest recommendation! It was all around delicious!