Friday, July 20, 2012

How I met Beau!

As we are getting ready for our engagement party this weekend, a friend of mine asked that we write the story about how we met. Felt like it was something to share! 

Here it is:

I first began to talk to Beau towards the end of 2010. We connected through  my sister and the topic of bad bands on Twitter. Yes...TWITTER! That night my sister and I were on our laptops, geeking out on twitter and laughing up a storm over comments being made. At that time I was in another relationship and really had no interest in Beau. Yes...I am guilty of thinking he was cute, but the relationship was harmless. I took a break from Twitter for about three months and then got active on it again in March. I was newly single and began to chat with Beau again. We got flirty and I realized I was falling for a guy I had never met who lived in Southern California. Part of me thought I was crazy but part of me really wanted to meet this guy! He booked a ticket up here in May of 2011 so we could meet. Spent the whole weekend together and have been together since! Whats even better? I was able to convince him to move to Oregon, and even a small town! That is success in itself! Now we are set to get married in August of 2013 at my family's vineyard. 

Yup....met the guy I love and will marry through the wine industry on Twitter! 

Do you have a fun story about how you met your special half? Please share! 




  1. That's adorable! I realize now I didn't know how you met, although I guess I always assumed it was through Twitter.

    I met my better half indirectly through Twitter... A Twitter friend of mine introduced me to a co-worker who invited me to go skiing with her and some friends. I got to Mammoth and noticed the guy in the group was superhot and very sweet...and because the condo we rented was so small, he and I had to share a bed just eight hours after meeting! We started dating when we got home, and despite the bed-sharing thing, waited six fantastic getting-to-know-each-other weeks before even holding hands.

    I'm so happy for you and Beau! At the risk of sounding cheesy and New Age-y, which I'm totally not, I saw when I was with you guys up there how he has this different, superhappy energy now that he's with you. :) Congatulations again!

    1. Claire!
      Love your story too! Its always interesting how you can meet someone special in ways you would never expect. Looks like the two of you are having lots of fun together =)

      We are very happy and he is my better half. Stronger where I am weaker. Very blessed to have him in my life!