Sunday, May 27, 2012

Republic of Jam

I love to give my favorite businesses recognition and support. The one I would like love to focus on in this post is Republic of Jam.

Some of the jams that I sell at Urban Decanter

Jam is something that I have been obsessed with for years. It all started with my grandmothers jam-making expertise. Today the jam that I proudly stock and sell in Urban Decanter is Republic of Jam. This business is owned by two ladies, Amy and Lynette, who made the trek to Oregon and started a jam shop.

Their store is located on the main street in Carlton, Oregon. Everytime I have been there it has been a WONDERFUL experience. The ladies are happy to open any jar off the shelf for their guests to sample. My favorite part in seeing their creativity in the kitchen. They make everything from baked goods, to meats and desserts with their jams!

This is polenta with jam on top!

Shortbread with - get ready for it- Chocolate Meyer Lemon Jam!

Focaccia bread with Spicy Peach Jam and BACON! This was so effing good!
The combinations that they create with their jams are unique and outstanding, great exercises in flavor and texture. On their shelves they stock combinations like:
-Marionberry Cinnamon
-Apricot Ginger
-Cherry Black Pepper
-Blackberry Vanilla
-Spicy Peach
-Mango Viognier
-Blueberry Lemon
......and of course many more. The selection is always changing depending on what they have. They also use fresh, local produce as often as they can. Every time you visit, it seems like there is a new flavor to experience.

I give these ladies my highest recommendation and look forward to their jams and recipes for many years to come!


PS. Earlier this year I did a post on making German Pancakes and using their jam. Check it out!

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