Monday, April 16, 2012

Banana Hot Sauce!!!!

Sriracha has been my hot sauce love for the past 7 years, until now. It has been moved to second place on my favorite hot sauce list. My new number 1 hot sauce is Jufran's Banana Sauce! YUP, banana hot sauce!

This hot sauce has been devoured with multiple dishes. Every time it adds the perfect kick of spice with a hint of sweetness that adds a beautiful flavor dynamic to any meal. One would think that this sauce could taste like banana, in fact it does not taste like banana at all. I must admit that I was scared to try it. The first time I dumped it out of the bottle onto my plate, a gelatinous blob came out. I poked at it and was hesitant to try it. I eventually muddled it and enjoyed it with some eggs, and since then there has been no turning back. I hope some of you decide to seek this stuff out, I highly recommend it!

I must thank Anna for giving this bottle to me! It was a birthday present that she gave to me last year.

What are your favorite hot sauces? Please share with me!


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  1. Banana hot sauce tast smeems very marvelus.It's red color also very atractive.