Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo Challenge: Day 5, 6, 7

Day 5- From a high angle
I LOVE messing with angles in photography so I love the challenge for days 5 and 6. For day 5 I took the photo from a high angle looking directly down on a stump of a pinot gris plant. This photo to me is fascinating because its an up close look at what the grape plant looks like in the winter. The moss is a beautiful addition to the photo too!

Day 6- From a low angle
This photo I took from a low angle, meaning I was kneeling down. I love taking photos of the vineyard throughout the year because it is changing so much and it is so breathtaking. This photo was taken in a block of pinot noir.

Day 7- Fruit

Some of you may wonder what the above photo has to do with fruit. Well, the above photo is of a vine of muller-thurgau. This is what the current state of the plants are. They basically look like a bunch of twigs right now. The knob on the vine is where the bud of the new grape vine sprouts at in the spring to produce beautiful fruit that is used to create some delicious wine!

That's all for now!




  1. Seeing your pictures makes me want to play with my camera more and more...which is a bad thing because my free time right now equals nothing!!

    And since I decided to treat myself with my tax refund by getting a DSLR, I'm really itching to play around with and learn my camera!!

    1. Thank you Alina! It means the WORLD to me for someone to tell me that. I hope you have fun with your new camera! The first few months you will learn alot, but once you are comforable with the settings the sky is the limit!