Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Photo Challenge: 30 Days of Photos

First off- I need to thank my friend Megan for introducing me to Pinterest, my new addiction. Secondly, I must thank her for showing me the photo challenge. This photo challenge requires you take 30 photos in 30 days over various topics. A challenge that includes photos? Hell yes I am up for it. I may not take a photo a day, but I will keep posting on my blog the photos that I take, in order and label them accordingly.

Here is the challenge:

If any of you think this would be fun to do, please join in!! Would love to see you convey your creativity with a camera. Well here we go:

Day 1: Self Portrait

In my opinion- taking self portraits SUCK! Here was my attempt at a self portrait. No make-up, just a straightener to the hair and that's it. Since this is my first self portrait for this photo challenge, I thought I should leave it basic to show the plain Becky Boo! Perhaps for the photo on day 30 I will get creative =) Till then~



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