Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011: A year to remember!

2011 is now over and today marks the first day in 2012. The past year was a huge year in my life and is one that I will cherish in my memory for years to come. It deserves some praise, so here are the highlights:


 I graduated with a degree in Business Management and Human Resource Management from Portland State University. This has been one of the biggest days of my life because it is one of the biggest accomplishments I have achieved. I met some wonderful people going to school there. I had one professor who has changed my life. In her classes she pushed for students to use their creativity, and she made students light up in ways that other professors cant. One thing that I walked away from that class with, which is also something that I now strive for is to "Do what I love, and love what I do".

For graduation, my parents and my grandmother helped fund a trip for me to Finland. It is a place I always dreamed of going because my heritage is Finnish and my best friend Pauliina lives in Finland. After graduation I jet setted to Finland to visit for 2 weeks in July. The country is absolutely beautiful, the people are delightful, the food was great, and I wish I could go back year after year. Finland felt like a second home to me, and Paulina's family made me feel welcome. I traveled the country from the Arctic Circle where I went and saw Santa, traveled west to Vasa (the town my great grandfather was from), and south down to Helsinki. This trip was memorable and very meaningful for me. I cannot wait to go back. Lucky for me, I snagged a better half who is Finnish as well!

My bathroom is my brewery- for now =)
In March of 2011 I began to brew beer at home, and now I am addicted. I have close to 15 beers brewed and I have plenty more I plan to do in 2012. My interest in beer has grown dramatically in 2011. I am very thirsty to learn everything about beer that I can. I hope to someday have a job at a brewery so I can help create some of this heavenly beverage on a commercial scale. My favorite homebrew from 2011 is a raspberry hefeweizen. I entered this at the state fair and got 2nd place!

In 2011 I met my better half Beau.  We began to chat on Twitter about wine and other various topics. Beau and I met in May of 2011 when he came up to visit Portland. He was trying to figure out where he wanted to move to and Portland was one of his options. I had one goal in mind; convince him to come to Portland! We had an epic time touring the Oregon Coast, Portland, and the Willamette Valley together. We drank lots of wine, beer and ate plenty of food. I did my best to show him the highlights of what Portland has to offer and why he should MUST move here. Secretly I had a fear that the dreamy SoCal guy wouldn't go for a small town Oregon country girl like me, but he did! I snagged the California cutie and he is now sitting across the table from me at an apartment in Beaverton, Oregon.

In March of 2011 I became an aunt! My brother and his wife had their first child, Marcus. He was born weighing almost 10 pounds. It has been a joy to watch him grow over the months. He has been growing like a weed, and is one adorable little man. My family was very excited to welcome Marcus.

2011 was also full of great dinner parties, I started my blog, cooked like crazy, began a photography website (, and met many wonderful people through the wine industry and twitter. To everyone who I have met and to those that have helped me: thank you! I look forward to sharing a glass of wine or a pint of beer with many of you in 2012.




  1. Congratulations on all aspects your blogged about. Here is to a great 2012.

  2. Thank you Nubian! Cheers to you! Hope to see you soon =)