Monday, September 26, 2011

Hopworks Urban Brewery- Beer and Pretzels

Hopworks Urban Brewery is a Portland brewery that I have always had my eye on but never managed to pay them a visit until last week. They have been an attractive brewery to me because they focus on sustainability, organics, and going green. Anna and I made plans to visit Hopworks with two things in mind: beer and pretzels.

We arrived there during happy hour. Hopworks happy hour menu is very kick-ass, with a great variety of food at great prices.

For drinks we ordered the sampler platter which contains 10 samples of 3 ounces of beer. The presentation of these beers was stunning. I have ordered many sampler platters at multiple breweries, and this is my favorite to date.

For our happy hour food. We ordered a garlic sausage, hot wings, bruschetta, and of course, the pretzels.

The wings were MESSY! I think I wore half of the sauce on my face much like a little kid does with spaghetti. When I was finished, I required a face washing. The wings were amazing, and the sauce had a spicy kick that was not overpowering.

The bruschetta was a dish I kind of cringed before I dove in. I am not a tomato person at all, so most foods that contain tomatoes I will tend to pass on. This bruschetta exceeded my expectations with flying colors. It was heavy on the basil and other flavors that the tomato flavor was mild. I was beyond satisfied, I was inspired after this dish to open my mind to more fresh tomato recipes.

Pretzels, to be honest, are something else that I am secretly not fond of. I have had a few in my life, but never one that was made at a brewery. The Hopworks "Pint'O'Pretzels" had a nice, yeasty, bready, and beer taste to them accompanied with the chunks of sea salt on the outside. The pretzels were in sticks, served in a beer mug which made for another lovely display. There were two dipping sauces with them; one which was beer cheese, and the other was a HUB lager mustard.

Hopworks Urban Brewery is a wonderful stop in Portland if you are into great beer and pub food.
I will be back in the next few months to give their burgers a try. I have heard they are some of the best in Portland. This place rocks!



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  1. Nice post! What a dang cheap happy hour. Thanks for doing research with me.