Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dinner Party: Main Ingredient- Flowers

Flowers are natures stunning creation of beauty for us to admire in vases, bouquets, pictures, paintings, and yes, even food. I have not experienced flowers in my food until Anna hosted a dinner party and the main ingredient for the event was.......Flowers! She used both roses and nasturtiums creatively in her dishes.

The photo below shows her rose beer bread. This beer bread was a wonderful combination of a light beer bread with a hint of rose flavor. A rose garlic butter with a hint of spicy pepper was prepared to accompany this bread, which made for an irresistible match.

Rose Petal Beer Bread

Nasturtiums are flowers that I have grown for many years around my home in our flower beds. I have heard multiple times of their potential in foods, but I never took the chance to experiment with them. This particular evening Anna baked a nasturtium pie! This was a pie that had an egg base and filo dough for the crust. The nasturtium pie was amazing with a light egg flavor, flaky filo crust, and the hint of nasturtiums garnishing the top.

Nasturtium Pie

The following are a  few other dishes we chowed down on during the dinner. All were amazing, all were delicious. 

A Greek style pie

Padron peppers

A Greek style salad

For dessert Anna made a rose water kadaifi galaktoboureko with blackberries. This dessert was a custard with filo bread on the top layer, then drenched in rose water. The custard and the light flakiness of the filo bread on top accompanied by a hint of rose water made my taste buds smile. We enjoyed this dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

If you are interested in making this dessert for yourself, please visit Anna's blog for the recipe at http://www.bananawonder.com/.




  1. great post becky! thanks for the links. come to think of it the salad was a cauliFLOWER one ;-)

  2. Despite having just eaten, I am now hungry again! Great post Bex, and great pictures!

  3. Oh yes! Cauliflower counts! Wonderful job on the food that night. Everything was AMAZING.

    Thank you Anna and Beau =)