Friday, September 9, 2011

Bacon Day!

Bacon Day was held on September 3rd this year sharing the weekend with Labor Day Weekend. Every Labor Day we have a full house with guests who are staying through the weekend. When I found out it was Bacon Day I was determined to create a menu that consisted of a variety of bacon wrapped goodies to share with family and friends. For Bacon Day this year, I made bacon wrapped pineapple, cod, steak and dates.

Bacon wrapped pineapple spears using Carlton Farms bacon: ready to BBQ. Thank you Beau for this wonderful idea! 

Bacon wrapped dates

Bacon goodies on the grill

Bacon wrapped steak is something I have been curious about trying for years, and with Bacon Day being here I was going to give it a shot on the barbecue. I purchased Carlton Farms New York steak and Carlton Farms peppered bacon. I cut the steak into strips, tossed it in some Montreal steak seasoning and garlic powder. I then wrapped the steak in half a strip of bacon and finished it off with a toothpick and dash of worchestire sauce. I barbecued the steak on medium heat for about 10 minutes. Long enough to get the bacon a little crispy.
Bacon wrapped New York steak
Sadly, I missed out on getting any photos of the bacon wrapped cod. I seasoned the fish in a Cajun style seasoning mixed with vinegar and garlic powder. I let the fish marinate for 30 minutes, then wrapped chunks of fish in bacon. This was my second attempt at bacon wrapped cod, and this time was a success. There was enough flavor on the fish to make taste buds dance, while letting the flavor of the fish and bacon shine. It was a wonderful combination.
My family and our guests were all wowed with the bacon wrapped goodies. The bacon wrapped steak went lovely with Pinot Noir, specifically the 1992 Kramer Pinot Noir Reserve. We enjoyed this meal outside while watching the sunset over the hills of the Oregon coast range.



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